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Lord Of The Knights

Fight for your subjects and defend your castle in Lord Of The Knights. Incarnate a proud lord in his armor and fight an army of skeleton warriors in this exhilarating shooting game.Armed with a powerfull crossbow, protected by his strong armor and at the command of an army, The Lord is watching over his city. While a horde of skeletonمزید پڑھیں →

غالب ٹاور

یہاں کے تمام پرستار کے لئے حتمی ٹاور پر چڑھنے چیلنج آتا ہے 2 کھلاڑی گیمز! Challenge your best friend at one on one platform jumping, wall sliding and tower climbing tournament. Master your jumping skills and good luck climbing on the Mighty Tower! پلیئر 1: تیر کو منتقل کی چابیاں اور کود. پلیئر 2: WASD to move and jump. Παίξτε παιχνίδια τώρα.مزید پڑھیں →