2020! Тетра

2020! Тетра - последняя и лучшая версия знаменитой головоломки Тетрис.. In this amazing game, you get to experience a unique and fun version of Tetra. You have to fill horizontal lines with blocks dropping from the top of the screen to remove them and to score. You will lose the game if the blocks reach theПодробнее →

Hero Clicker

Hero Clicker is an highly addictive endless game in the tradition of Cookie Clicker. Предпосылка игры действительно проста: В одиночку или со своей группой вам придется сражаться с все более сильными монстрами. Золото, которое вы зарабатываете за убийство указанных монстров, можно инвестировать в улучшение ваших героев., разблокировка новых членов партии или найм рабочих, которые зарабатывают вас… Подробнее →

Crossy Path

Crossy Path is a tricky and highly addictive brain teaser game that requires visual thinking and quick decision making. The player has to reach the exit point of a puzzle while navigating through what can only be described as Escheresque levels. The geometric figures in this game might not be able to exist in reality but they will for sureПодробнее →


Unite is the new addictive logic puzzle you brainiacs have been waiting for! The player’s task is to strategically place blocks with different numbers on the board, so that three or more matching blocks will merge into one block of the next higher number. If you combine three or more sixes, they will merge into stars, which again merged, willПодробнее →

Spa Salon

Spa Salon features twelve brand new mini games in the typical slacking games style. Anna has landed the perfect job within a spa. Она должна привести в порядок салон, но она также помогает стричь и красить волосы и даже делает макияж и выбирает аксессуары для своих клиентов.. Им понравится их новый облик? Or willПодробнее →

Bike Racing 2

Bike Racing 2, the eagerly anticipated sequel to the popular and addictive hill-climb racing game is here with updated graphics, brand new motorcycles and even more craziness! Again, you will need all your skill and concentration to jump over gaps, climb the hills and pass all the obstacles as fast as possible without crashing your bike. The faster you are,… Подробнее →