Air War 3D Modern

Air War 3D Modern

Modern War is here! In the form of a air fighter simulation. Pilot a jet and take down every enemy unit you see. Just go for as long as you can without dying and killing as much as you can. Shoot with your rockets or switch weapons to drop bombs or use your machine gun. Just how long can you go and what score can you get in this flying sim? اپنے ماؤس یا ٹچ پیڈ کے ساتھ پرواز. بائیں مڑیں: ایک. دائیں جانب مڑیں: D. شوٹنگ: ماؤس کے بٹن کو چھوڑ دیا. Change weapons: R.

ابھی کھیل کھیلیں. یہاں آپ آن لائن بہترین کھیل مل جائے گا!!!

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